Sustainable Energy Working Group

Sustainable Energy Working Group

Sustainable Energy Working Group – Nuclear Power Powers the Bomb

The Abolition 2000 statement recognizes the “inextricable link” between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Nuclear reactors produce radioactive materials that not only wreak havoc on our health and the environment, spreading lethal radiation for hundreds of thousands of years to come, but also are used for building nuclear bombs. Sustainable energy provides the only solution to our planet’s energy needs , and energy self-sufficiency is more compelling now than ever. With 401 reactors worldwide, nuclear power plants represent one of the most vulnerable threats to global security and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The working group has produced a model statute for an International Sustainable Energy Fund, as an alternative to the International Atomic Energy Agency. We worked with the NGO Caucus on Energy and Climate Change to obtain government sponsorship to enact the statute during the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although our effects were blocked by powerful corporate and national interests, the group intends to work for the creation of an International Sustainable Energy Agency by promoting this initiative at every available opportunity. We have held workshops on the initiative at various NPT PrepCom and Review Conference events and at the World Social Forum in Porto Allegre Brazil fs.

Sustainable Energy Working Group

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Working for a Green Hydrogen Future

“Black” vs. “Green” Hydrogen

The Green Hydrogen Coalition supports the development of hydrogen fuel for the world because the only byproduct from hydrogen fuel is pure water. The Coalition is “green” because it proposes that hydrogen be produced with clean, safe renewable energy–from the sun, the wind, the tides, geothermal sources. We are challenging the U.S. attempt to hijack the promise of hydrogen fuel with the recent government launch of an International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy which would rely on “black” hydrogen, calling for massive subsidies to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries to produce hydrogen

To learn more about the Green Hydrogen Coalition and to join the growing network of groups and individuals that support the its mission, visit

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