Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group

Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group

Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group – Mission Statement

The Citizens Inspection Working Group (CIWG) is a working group of Abolition 2000 – a global network calling for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons as required by Article VI of the NPT. The CIWG seeks to expose the hypocrisy and the use of double standards by some NPT member states who condemn countries for possessing or trying to develop weapons of mass destruction(WMD) while they develop new lethal WMD and do nothing to honor their treaty obligations for disarmament nahjbayarea.

The CIWG aims to hold Governments accountable, to educate and alert citizens of the presence of nuclear weapons, and to support the goal of abolishing all weapons of mass destruction. The CIWG aims to support citizen groups who inspect sites and report their findings to the public, United Nations, national governments and other interested parties. Co-conveners are the Los Alamos Study Group (USA) and For Mother Earth (Belgium)

News & Events

Sandia Labs Bars Citizen Inspection

New Mexico has seen federal nuclear weapons spending continue to grow while the state has remained mired in poverty, an Albuquerque arms control activist argued Wednesday. “We know that this industry is bad for New Mexico,” Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group told an audience of about 30 gathered in a University of New Mexico lecture hall to discuss the U.S. nuclear weapons program. (ABQJournal,  August 5, 2004)

Citizen Weapons Inspectors Visit Secret American Military Base in Norway

24/6/2004- Peace activists from Sweden, Germany and England protested outside the top-secret radar base Vardø in the north of Norway, against the base’s involvement in the USA’s nuclear weapons strategy. The group carried out a “Citizens Weapons Inspection” of the base, to investigate connections between the base and the USA’s missile defence system and the militarisation of space.

The Citizen Weapon Inspection Teams of Colorado now have their Silo reports available on-line, compiled from the Adopt-a-Silo Action at Colorado’s 49 Minuteman III Missile Silos Saturday, July 26, 2003. R

Alliant 28 Found Not Guilty by Jury of Citizens

A six-person jury of citizens from Hennepin County declared that International Law can trump the local private property/no trespass law. 28 Minnesotans “crossed the line,” entering the world headquarters property of Alliant TechSystems Corporation in Edina with the express purpose of conducting a “citizens weapons inspection.” (The Pulse of the Twin Cities, October 22, 2003)

Bomspotting action at the NATO military HQ

International citizens weapon inspection team visits SHAPE; 25th October 2003; Mons, Belgium

Over 250 Arrested in Anti-Nuke Protest at NATO Military HQ

Over 250 protestors were arrested Saturday at an anti-nuclear demonstration at NATO’s military command centre for Europe, including some 40 who managed to enter the base, organizers and police said. But no violence was reported in the protest action, dubbed “Get in Shape,” of which the specific aim was to try to carry out “civilian inspections” inside the sprawling base. ((AFP) October 25, 2003)

11 Peace Activists Arrested Inside Lakenheath Nuclear Weapons Base, UK

This morning, groups of international and local peace activists cut through the perimeter fence of USAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, to draw attention to the illegal nuclear weapons that are deployed there. (FME, October 6, 2003)

German AF Base Closed for Weapons Inspections

Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group

An international team of thirty citizens inspectors closed the three gates of Buchel air force base in Germany to carry out a war crimes inspection. It is a public secret that 11 US B-61 tactical nuclear weapons are stored on the base. The inspectors have been gathering information for the International Atomic Energy Agency as well as for the UN where their findings will be reported next year during the Non-Proliferation Preparatory Committee in New York. Their report will also be made public through the Internet.

Citizen Weapons Inspection At U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska, August 3, 2003

Nebraskans for Peace and other regional peace groups conducted a Citizens Weapon Inspection at U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters in an attempt to raise awareness. (WSLF, August 3, 2003)

What weapons are in YOUR back yard? Citizens Weapons Inspection Teams inspect U.S. Facilities

Citizens are coming together to inspect U.S. weapons facilities to point out that the U.S. cannot expect the rest of the world to disarm as it develops and expands its programs for Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons. Students, veterans, and other citizens gathered to inspect the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in their community in California. A coalition of Canadian citizens has also formed to inspect U.S. facilities. Read about their campaign at Stay tuned for more information on how to plan your own Citizen Weapons Inspection.

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