International Support For An NWC

International Support For An NWC – Resolutions calling for a nuclear weapons convention have been adopted by the European Parliament and introduced into the US Congress and UK House of Commons.

In 1995, Abolition 2000, an international network was established to promote the achievement of a nuclear weapons convention. It has attracted the support of over 2000 organisations worldwide.

International Support For An NWC

Public opinion polls in countries not yet supporting the NWC indicate public support for a NWC at over 80%.

The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Appeal, the largest petition in the world with nearly 100 million signatures, calls for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons through an international treaty.

Model Nuclear Weapons Convention

Model Nuclear Weapons Convention – In 1997 the United Nations circulated a Model Nuclear Weapons Convention, submitted by Costa Rica in order to assist in the implementation of the ICJ decision and the UN call for negotiations leading to a NWC. The Model NWC had been drafted by a consortium of lawyers, scientists and disarmament experts led by the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy.

Model Nuclear Weapons Convention

Costa Rica explained that the Model NWC sets forth “…the legal, technical and political issues that should be considered in order to obtain an actual nuclear weapons convention.” The Model NWC has been the subject of a number of scientific, academic and diplomatic conferences in the UK, China, Geneva, New York, Canada and India. Feedback on the Model NWC and progress towards a NWC is included in a periodical called the Nuclear Weapons Convention Monitor.

Mayors For Peace Emergency Campaign To Ban Nuclear Weapons

Mayors For Peace Emergency Campaign To Ban Nuclear Weapons – The Mayors for Peace Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons, led by the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, aims to enroll mayors across the globe to come to the 2005 NPT Review Conference. The Mayors for Peace Campaign has proposed a reasonable timetable for achieving a nuclear weapon free world by 2020, with negotiations to begin in 2005 and to conclude by 2010, with global nuclear disarmament implemented no later than 2020.

Mayors For Peace Emergency Campaign To Ban Nuclear Weapons

Abolition Now! seeks your active participation in enrolling your Mayor and other civic leaders in this unprecedented Campaign. For more information on how to get your Mayor involved in the Campaign to ban nuclear weapons, please refer to the resources listed below.

Using The NWC To Engage The Nuclear Weapon States

Using The NWC To Engage The Nuclear Weapon States – The NWC provides a useful tool to engage the nuclear weapon states (NWS) in ways to overcome their resistance to nuclear disarmament. It re-frames the debate from a context of “Why don’t the nuclear weapon states move towards nuclear disarmament?” to one of “How can nuclear disarmament be achieved?” Rather than calling for disarmament steps and attempting to persuade the NWS to drop their resistance to these, the NWC invites NWS to join in designing and creating the conditions for nuclear disarmament.

Using The NWC To Engage The Nuclear Weapon States

Verification, one of the key elements identified in the Model NWC, for example, has become the subject of increasing dialogue and cooperation between NWS and nuclear disarmament advocates. Recent initiatives include the US Sandia Cooperative Monitoring Center – which assists in the development of verification and monitoring regimes for arms control and disarmament treaties and the Aldermaston Weapons Establishment study on verification of the elimination of nuclear weapons (see references).

NWC And The Step-By-Step Approach To Disarmament

NWC And The Step-By-Step Approach To Disarmament – Some nuclear weapon states have criticised the call for a nuclear weapons convention on the basis that nuclear disarmament requires a step-by-step approach rather than a comprehensive approach. The next steps identified by the NWS include entry into force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, further reductions in nuclear stockpiles and negotiation of a ban on production of fissile material.

However, many other states, including New Zealand and Malaysia have argued that focusing on a NWC is compatible with a step-by-step process and in fact would aid it. Malaysia, which introduces the annual.

NWC And The Step-By-Step Approach To Disarmament

UN resolution, notes “the resolution specifically mentions negotiations “leading to” a nuclear weapons convention and not “on” a nuclear weapons convention, thereby allowing for the kind of steps that the nuclear weapons states themselves are committed to support.

In fact the NWC identifies elements of disarmament which are important in the step-by-step approach. In addition, by combining a step-by-step approach with a comprehensive approach, the NWC could help break the deadlock in international disarmament negotiations. States are often unwilling to adhere to a single disarmament step because their nuclear forces are atypical and a step could put them at a disadvantage. Such States would be more willing to agree to a step which placed them at a temporary disadvantage if they were confident that the process was moving quickly to a non-discriminatory treaty on complete prohibition and elimination. An example of this is India, which supports a NWC and initially proposed a CTBT but refused to support the treaty unless it included a commitment to negotiate for complete nuclear disarmament.

End Game: No More Nuclear Excuses For War


On May 1st people from all over the world will gather in New York City for a massive march and rally to demand total and immediate nuclear disarmament.

The May 1st demonstration will precede a month-long meeting of world governments at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to discuss the fate of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ( ), a treaty in which nuclear weapons states, United States ,United Kingdom , Russia , China , and France agreed to eliminate their nuclear weapons arsenals.

End Game: No More Nuclear Excuses For War

The Bush administration continues to manipulate the treaty by vehemently demanding disarmament from other countries, while expanding US production and development of nuclear weapons. US used nuclear weapons as an excuse for war in Iraq . Will North Korea and Iran be next?

United in our opposition to the growing threat of nuclear war, and the use of nuclear weapons as a pretext for war, we must mobilize now and demand the full and rapid implementation of the promise for nuclear disarmament.

We’ll be joined by a delegation of mayors from around the world, as they deliver the call for nuclear disarmament, on behalf of millions of people, to the United Nations. Mayors will lead marches to the rally site on May 1st . Join a mayor from your region in a march on May 1st .

May 1st rally site will be determined shortly. Permits will be filed for the Great Lawn in Central Park . For more information on May 1st and to join the planning efforts, please sign up for the MayDay2005 listserve, send e-mail to .


The continued possession of thousands of nuclear weapons by the existing nuclear weapons states, together with the US policy of preventive war and its push to modernize its nuclear arsenal, provide arguments for other countries to develop nuclear weapons of their own.


Nuclear weapons remain the most dangerous of all weapons, the only ones that can destroy civilization in a day. We need to redefine security in human and ecological terms, rather than military ones: food, shelter, clean air and water, jobs, healthcare and education. This kind of security is universal.

Sustainable Energy Working Group

Sustainable Energy Working Group – Nuclear Power Powers the Bomb

The Abolition 2000 statement recognizes the “inextricable link” between nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Nuclear reactors produce radioactive materials that not only wreak havoc on our health and the environment, spreading lethal radiation for hundreds of thousands of years to come, but also are used for building nuclear bombs. Sustainable energy provides the only solution to our planet’s energy needs , and energy self-sufficiency is more compelling now than ever. With 401 reactors worldwide, nuclear power plants represent one of the most vulnerable threats to global security and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The working group has produced a model statute for an International Sustainable Energy Fund, as an alternative to the International Atomic Energy Agency. We worked with the NGO Caucus on Energy and Climate Change to obtain government sponsorship to enact the statute during the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although our effects were blocked by powerful corporate and national interests, the group intends to work for the creation of an International Sustainable Energy Agency by promoting this initiative at every available opportunity. We have held workshops on the initiative at various NPT PrepCom and Review Conference events and at the World Social Forum in Porto Allegre Brazil fs.

Sustainable Energy Working Group

News & Events

Working for a Green Hydrogen Future

“Black” vs. “Green” Hydrogen

The Green Hydrogen Coalition supports the development of hydrogen fuel for the world because the only byproduct from hydrogen fuel is pure water. The Coalition is “green” because it proposes that hydrogen be produced with clean, safe renewable energy–from the sun, the wind, the tides, geothermal sources. We are challenging the U.S. attempt to hijack the promise of hydrogen fuel with the recent government launch of an International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy which would rely on “black” hydrogen, calling for massive subsidies to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries to produce hydrogen

To learn more about the Green Hydrogen Coalition and to join the growing network of groups and individuals that support the its mission, visit

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Mayors for Peace Working Group

Mayors for Peace Working Group – Working to enroll mayors around the world to work for a nuclear weapons convention by 2005. Increasingly, cities have been reaching out to each other across national boundaries to address global threats to their citizens. One such organization is the World Conference of mayors for Peace, which will provide the initial leadership for this campaign. We seek to encourage other mayors’ groups to become engaged, and will coordinate closely with them.

News & Events

2nd Nagasaki Global Citizens’ Assembly for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, November 24, 2003

Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, received a report that the Bush administration submitted a 2004 Defense Authorization Bill to Congress, that requests funds for the development of small nuclear weapons. Mayor Akiba responded by demanding that President Bush immediately begin demonstrating a willingness to implement the “unequivocal undertaking” to eliminate the U.S. nuclear arsenal, promised at the previous NPT Review Conference

Mayors for Peace Working Group

On June 24, 1982, at the 2nd UN Special Session on Disarmament held at UN Headquarters in New York, then Mayor Takeshi Araki of Hiroshima proposed a new Program to Promote the Solidarity of Cities toward the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. This proposal offered cities a way to transcend national borders and work together to press for nuclear abolition. Subsequently, the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki called on mayors around the world to support this program.

Reports & Resources

Mayoral statement in support for the commencement of negotiations on the elimination of nuclear weapons

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Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group

Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group – Mission Statement

The Citizens Inspection Working Group (CIWG) is a working group of Abolition 2000 – a global network calling for a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons as required by Article VI of the NPT. The CIWG seeks to expose the hypocrisy and the use of double standards by some NPT member states who condemn countries for possessing or trying to develop weapons of mass destruction(WMD) while they develop new lethal WMD and do nothing to honor their treaty obligations for disarmament nahjbayarea.

The CIWG aims to hold Governments accountable, to educate and alert citizens of the presence of nuclear weapons, and to support the goal of abolishing all weapons of mass destruction. The CIWG aims to support citizen groups who inspect sites and report their findings to the public, United Nations, national governments and other interested parties. Co-conveners are the Los Alamos Study Group (USA) and For Mother Earth (Belgium)

News & Events

Sandia Labs Bars Citizen Inspection

New Mexico has seen federal nuclear weapons spending continue to grow while the state has remained mired in poverty, an Albuquerque arms control activist argued Wednesday. “We know that this industry is bad for New Mexico,” Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group told an audience of about 30 gathered in a University of New Mexico lecture hall to discuss the U.S. nuclear weapons program. (ABQJournal,  August 5, 2004)

Citizen Weapons Inspectors Visit Secret American Military Base in Norway

24/6/2004- Peace activists from Sweden, Germany and England protested outside the top-secret radar base Vardø in the north of Norway, against the base’s involvement in the USA’s nuclear weapons strategy. The group carried out a “Citizens Weapons Inspection” of the base, to investigate connections between the base and the USA’s missile defence system and the militarisation of space.

The Citizen Weapon Inspection Teams of Colorado now have their Silo reports available on-line, compiled from the Adopt-a-Silo Action at Colorado’s 49 Minuteman III Missile Silos Saturday, July 26, 2003. R

Alliant 28 Found Not Guilty by Jury of Citizens

A six-person jury of citizens from Hennepin County declared that International Law can trump the local private property/no trespass law. 28 Minnesotans “crossed the line,” entering the world headquarters property of Alliant TechSystems Corporation in Edina with the express purpose of conducting a “citizens weapons inspection.” (The Pulse of the Twin Cities, October 22, 2003)

Bomspotting action at the NATO military HQ

International citizens weapon inspection team visits SHAPE; 25th October 2003; Mons, Belgium

Over 250 Arrested in Anti-Nuke Protest at NATO Military HQ

Over 250 protestors were arrested Saturday at an anti-nuclear demonstration at NATO’s military command centre for Europe, including some 40 who managed to enter the base, organizers and police said. But no violence was reported in the protest action, dubbed “Get in Shape,” of which the specific aim was to try to carry out “civilian inspections” inside the sprawling base. ((AFP) October 25, 2003)

11 Peace Activists Arrested Inside Lakenheath Nuclear Weapons Base, UK

This morning, groups of international and local peace activists cut through the perimeter fence of USAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, to draw attention to the illegal nuclear weapons that are deployed there. (FME, October 6, 2003)

German AF Base Closed for Weapons Inspections

Citizens Weapons Inspections Working Group

An international team of thirty citizens inspectors closed the three gates of Buchel air force base in Germany to carry out a war crimes inspection. It is a public secret that 11 US B-61 tactical nuclear weapons are stored on the base. The inspectors have been gathering information for the International Atomic Energy Agency as well as for the UN where their findings will be reported next year during the Non-Proliferation Preparatory Committee in New York. Their report will also be made public through the Internet.

Citizen Weapons Inspection At U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska, August 3, 2003

Nebraskans for Peace and other regional peace groups conducted a Citizens Weapon Inspection at U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters in an attempt to raise awareness. (WSLF, August 3, 2003)

What weapons are in YOUR back yard? Citizens Weapons Inspection Teams inspect U.S. Facilities

Citizens are coming together to inspect U.S. weapons facilities to point out that the U.S. cannot expect the rest of the world to disarm as it develops and expands its programs for Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Weapons. Students, veterans, and other citizens gathered to inspect the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in their community in California. A coalition of Canadian citizens has also formed to inspect U.S. facilities. Read about their campaign at Stay tuned for more information on how to plan your own Citizen Weapons Inspection.

CIWG Listserv

To subscribe to the list serve, please email:


For more information on citizens inspections and how you can get involved:

UNMOVIC/IAEA weapons inspections database

Citizens Inspections Working Group Homepage at For Mother Earth

CWIT – Citizens Weapons Inspection Teams

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DECLARACIÓN DE PROPÓSITO – Las armas nucleares son más amenazantes hoy que durante la Guerra Fría. Cada día en que continúan existiendo armas nucleares en la Tierra es un día que provoca una catástrofe como la que sufrieron Hiroshima y Nagasaki en agosto de 1945. Cientos de miles de personas murieron instantáneamente por los efectos de la explosión, el fuego y la radiación de solo dos armas nucleares. , con consecuencias para la salud que continúan hasta el día de hoy.

¡Ha llegado el momento del desarme y la abolición nucleares joker388!


La Campaña de Emergencia de Alcaldes por la Paz para la Prohibición de las Armas Nucleares, dirigida por los Alcaldes de Hiroshima y Nagasaki, está inscribiendo a alcaldes de todo el mundo para asistir a la Conferencia de Revisión del TNP de 2005. ¡Abolición ahora! busca su participación activa en la inscripción de su alcalde y otros líderes cívicos en esta campaña sin precedentes. Del 6 de agosto de 2004 al 9 de agosto de 2005, bajo el paraguas del Año del Recuerdo y la Acción por un Mundo Libre de Armas Nucleares, conmemoraremos el 60º Aniversario de Hiroshima y Nagasaki y haremos eco del grito urgente de los Hibakusha sobrevivientes ” ¡Nunca más!” Este grito se traducirá en acción gracias a millones de firmas de peticiones, el apoyo de miles de alcaldes y los llamamientos a los Jefes de Estado para que vengan a Nueva York a la Conferencia de Revisión del TNP para escuchar nuestra exigencia de que el mundo sea liberado de la amenaza de la energía nuclear. aniquilación.


La Campaña de Emergencia de Alcaldes por la Paz ha propuesto un calendario razonable para lograr un mundo libre de armas nucleares para 2020, con negociaciones que comenzarán en 2005 y concluirán en 2010, con el desarme nuclear global implementado a más tardar en 2020. Abogados internacionales y expertos en desarme han redactado un Modelo de Convención sobre Armas Nucleares para su uso en tales negociaciones (ver ¡Tenemos nuestro plan! Todo lo que falta es la voluntad política para empezar. ¡Abolición ahora! pide a individuos, grupos de ciudadanos y líderes comunitarios y cívicos que se comprometan personalmente a apoyar el llamado a un mundo libre de armas nucleares a través de acciones que conduzcan a la negociación y adopción de una Convención sobre Armas Nucleares. Mediante la movilización de la sociedad civil, Abolition Now! La campaña tiene como objetivo crear la voluntad política para abolir todas las armas nucleares, haciendo un llamado a las naciones para que se atrevan a planificar un mundo libre de armas nucleares y comiencen las negociaciones para un tratado para la eliminación total de las armas nucleares. ¡Ahora es el momento de actuar!